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 N. Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D.

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Customized 360 Degree Feedback

Watch a Brief Video on the Importance of Feedback


How are you doing?

We all need feedback. Feedback from our peers, direct reports, managers, and clients help us to get a realistic picture of our job performance.  While most of us want to do the best we can, sometimes we have blind spots about how our actions and behaviors are perceived by others. To keep your career on track and ensure your success, you need to be aware of gaps between your perception of performance and that of others.  Information gained from 360 degree feedback helps you to capitalize on your strengths and identify areas of development. If you are an executive who would like us to create a customized 360 feedback for you, we can do that.  That's a fairly simple process. We have a bank of 300 leadership questions from which you can choose. Or, you can modify any question and even add your own unique item. Once we have gathered all the information, you'll receive a report, a development guide, and a two-hour debriefing and coaching session to help you develop an action plan.

If you are an HR or management professional who wants to implement a 360 feedback program for a group of executives or company-wide, we can assist you with that process as well. That takes a little more planning and effort. Below is our process for larger scale projects.

Here's how we help

We lighten your load by taking away the administrative burden and help you every step of the way from a process perspective.  We have products to help you communicate and implement the project to your organization.  We'll show you how to avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles.  Of course, we can always come on-site and do it for you, but our experience has shown us that you are really the best source for communicating with your own people.  We mutually benefit from this arrangement.  You save thousands of dollars in travel expenses by using the telephone and Internet. We no longer have to be road warriors, so we get to spend more time with our families.  It's a great deal!

Our role is generally behind the scenes when it comes to administration, data collection, and report generation.  However, we often come to the forefront when we are requested to conduct the debriefing and telephone coaching. Until 360 feedback has become an ingrained part of your culture, an outside party is usually desired for coaching and debriefing.

What we do for you...

  • Provide you with a library of questions from which to choose

  • Help you select a report format that meets your needs

  • Show you the process for selecting questions and getting buy-in from participants

  • Set up your project on-line

  • Send out your email invitations and reminders

  • Respond to technical questions from respondents

  • Gather and collect all the data

  • Generate reports

  • Provide you with an action/planning workbook

  • Debrief and coach your feedback recipients

Our Sister Site

Dr. Fried has done extensive research and written articles on a variety of 360 feedback products.  If you are interested in purchasing a 360 feedback system or registering with an Application Service Provider (ASP) we represent, please go to our sister site at  There you will see a menu with product details and an extensive vendor comparison list

Partial client list


  • CIT

  • Johnsondiversey

  • Medtronics

  • HHilton Honors

  • Huron Consulting Group

  • Capstrat

  • Edens & Avent

  • Ohio Savings Bank

  • Magline

  • Palomar Pomerado Hospital

  • Panasonics Avionics

  • PartyLite

  • Tupperware

  • ViaSat

  • Southern Pipe

  • Summa Corp

  • Ropes & Gray

Watch a Brief Video on the Importance of Feedback



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