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Go Deep, Be Courageous, Emerge a Winner!

Serving the Business and Professional Community since 1983! 

N. Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D.

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CoachingThe Bridge to Your Vision

We help you focus on what's important to you and your business. If you've been struggling with how to attain your personal or organizational vision and want to overcome what's really standing in your way, we can guide you through the process. We'll help to clarify the core issues and target strategies for resolution.  We'll show you ways to reinforce current strengths and help you learn new skills that advance your goals. Our specialized method of courageous coaching becomes the bridge that links your vision to new-found confidence and improved leadership skills.  With a trusted coach at your side, you can achieve competitive advantage.  However, to emerge a winner, you must first go deep and be courageous.

 FAQ: What is executive coaching?   Watch a video where Dr. Fried gives you a simple explanation in under 1 minute.

Coaching Style

We offer customized one-on-one coaching sessions that are designed around your specific areas for leadership development. This process is all about you, so we begin our sessions with a focused conversation to determine the most important concern you have right now about your job or business.  At the moment, it could be big or small.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is that it matters to you!

Once we isolate the issue, we drill down further to understand the extent of the problem and contributing factors.  As we go deeper, we address alternatives for resolution.  Finally, we gain commitment from you to take the necessary next steps toward resolution and then follow up on your progress, helping you along the way. While we are always your advocate, we will never let you off the hook!  Be prepared for continuous questioning as we seek to understand and help you discover solutions.

Our process is very effective.  We find that once a client shines the light on the real problem, truly clarifying it, he or she is on the road to reaching resolution.  We often hear clients say that they experience a shift—either mental or physical—after a courageous coaching session and describe it as a "freeing feeling."  This shift arises from no longer feeling "stuck" because they've moved forward toward resolution.  Identifying the root cause of a problem is often the hardest part.  You'll learn why, when you experience the process.

  FAQ: What sets Dr. Elizabeth Fried apart from other executive coaches?   Watch a video where Dr. Fried gives you a simple explanation in under 2 minutes.

Coaching Techniques

Our most powerful technique is the use of courageous conversation. However, as part of the discovery process,  we may employ a variety methods to learn more about you.  This may include:

  • Interviewing others in your sphere of influence

  • Deploying a 360 feedback assessment

  • Observing you conducting business meetings, interviews, or presentations

  • Having you complete a series of self-assessments


Coaching Packages

We offer a variety of coaching options, based on your need.  For executives and managers, we typically conduct a 360 feedback and administer behavioral style and values assessments.  Our minimum engagement is 6 months to insure real behavior change.  Generally, we accomplish your critical areas of concern in that  period of time.  During the first three months we will meet with you every week for one hour and bi-weekly for the second 3 months, usually by phone, unless you are local.  Our first two sessions, however, are usually two hours so that we can debrief your assessments.   If coaching is desired beyond six months, we can extend your bi-weekly sessions or arrange for monthly  telephone conversations. Contact us as 760-598.8888.

FAQ:  Why do you set your fees based on projects and not by the hour?   Watch a video where Dr. Fried gives you a simple explanation in about 2 minutes.


Online Coaching Options


If you don't think you are ready for an individual coach or have a limited  budget for individual coaching, consider ProStar Coach.  It's a totally new kind of online service for improving leadership and personal skills. It is like a virtual gym, available to you 24/7.  We often recommend our clients purchase it along with their individual coaching to help  further support them.

This cost-effective program combines assessment, development, and coaching programs into a single unified resource. It delivers fresh content daily and weekly.  ProStar Coach will not replace your coach .  It enhances your progress, by supporting your coaching sessions with reinforcement tools to keep your goals top of mind when your coach  can’t be with you.   

To learn about the program, click here:  Virtual Tour.  Select the option that fits you:  Individual, Corporate, Entrepreneurs, or Consultant/Coaches.   Then consider taking a 15-day trial to see what you think.