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The Executive Coaching Corner:  Now in Session

June 1, 2013: Brain Training Can Help Autism, ADD, ADHD, Aging Brains, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries and more...

This issue will continue to be departure from my standard executive coaching case studies. As I mentioned in a prior post, I belong to a neuroscience group comprised primarily of other executive coaches.  We typically get together once a month to discuss "brain stuff," so that we can more effectively coach our clients.  One of our new members practices alternative medicine (acupuncture) and also provides neurofeedback training.  He introduced us to the book  Biofeedback for the Brain (Swingle) and did a brain mapping on one of our members so we could see what it was all about.  Basically, brain mapping involves hooking a series of electrodes to your head like an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure your brain waves.  From this information, he can determine if there are any aspects of your brain that are out of the norm. 

I was intrigued with his approach and after reading Biofeedback for the Brain (Swingle) I became even more fascinated as I read about the aging brain.  I turned 65 this year and about 6 months ago I began noticing that I was transposing numbers and my ability to look a number up in the telephone book and then go immediately to the phone and dial it was just not possible any more.  Instead, I'd have to look it up, write it on a piece of paper (check it again to make sure I hadn't transposed numbers), take the paper over to the phone and one by one enter  in the numbers.  I was getting upset about this, because I have been known for having an excellent memory and a  very sharp brain, so this was extremely disconcerting.  When I read the Swingle book, he described a similar situation and attributed these symptoms to an aging brain, which could be reversed through a form of neurofeedback training called "brain brightening."   My first thought was, "Sign me up... and sign me up now!" 

So I called the neurofeedback practitioner who introduced me to this and asked to become his patient.  I also thought this was a good opportunity to use myself as a guinea pig before I would recommend this technology to a client.  I wanted to be sure this not just a bunch of California woo-woo.   Here is what happened.  He mapped me and discovered that something was going on that didn't enable my brain to recover quickly enough after working on a task, so I was essentially exhausting myself.   (I will spare you all the technical stuff about alpha waves).  The best analogy I can give you is that when you increase your heart rate during exercise and then stop, your heart beats should return to its resting heart rate in a reasonable amount of seconds if you are healthy.  Well my brain kept racing beyond the acceptable amount of time to recover.  To address this issue I went through about 15 sessions of neurofeedback training to get my brain "righted" so to speak.  Now I just  have to go back every 4-6 months for a booster session because my brain continues to age.  Aging is a fact of life and not preventable.  I personally don't mind spending the money on this because it keeps me sharp.  In other cases, where people suffer from such afflictions as ADD, ADHD, or PTSD, the training can be permanent with no additional sessions needed.  When you read Swingle's book, you will learn that with this training many parents are able to get their kids off drugs completely or at worst reduced dosages. 

I have recommended that two clients be diagnosed by him who appeared to have a need for his service.  One is doing extremely well and the other other just started.  While they will, of course, remain anonymous, I will discuss their case in a generalized manner in my next blog insertion once I determine the results.  Each had different needs, and I am delighted to have him as a resource.  Once he addresses the root cause and begins brain training, my job becomes much easier, more effective, and quicker.  It enables me to help my clients achieve the results they desire using standard coaching protocol.

Key Points: 

Neurofeedback works with balancing and harmonizing brain function.  The training usually involves being hooked up to a computer while watching a movie or a video game.  It can be used to address symptoms in over 150 disorders. If you want to eliminate unhealthy patterns and restore the system to balance with optimum function, then you may want to explore it further.   We are not talking about brain surgery here.  This is a painless and effective approach.  Once you have decided you want to know more, get in touch with me  at 760-633-4444 and I will refer you to the best person I know.  If you live outside the state of California, he will know other good people near you.  You clearly need to get the best, most skilled practitioner available. 

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