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Serving the Business and Professional Community since 1983! 

N. Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D.

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Bring in Results with Executive Coaching!

Back in 2004 the Harvard Business Review, reported that the Executive Coaching programs industry was responsible for bringing in $1 billion dollars of increased revenue for businesses. It is reported that 88% of companies are now using executive coaching.

Where is all this growth coming from?

Results from Executive Coaching--Plain and Simple

You must understand that the case for executive coaching is that it is working. Basically, we help executives become better at their jobs.  This ultimately not only saves companies a lot of money across the board, but also increases profits.   Employees are more engaged, turnover is reduced, and productivity is increased.

The core of what an executive coach does is very easy to understand.  The coach: asks questions, and asks a lot of them--the kind of questions that drives the process of self-discovery and awareness helping executives  be successful on the job and as a human being.

Why Would Anyone Need Executive Coaching?

The answer is simple, you don't necessarily need an executive coach, but it is always safe to say there's always room for improving in many areas. We all have issues and concerns that need to be looked at time to time. Truly understanding yourself and the effects you have on other people may illustrate the areas of growth and development to better yourself and the company.

Something else that is very valuable about coaching is the message it sends to your employees.  In any workplace where there is a presence of a coach, it  means that you value your company and the employees.


Why Use Coaching and Not Something Else?

Coaching is not the easy road. But it is one of the most effective processes to utilize. Being able to trust and look deeper into the way you are operating yourself and the business.

At the heart of all change lies the notion that we can only grow by asking questions. Gaining a better understanding of things requires a different thought process, one that can be molded through the help of professional coaching.

Our executive coaching is geared to produce measurable results and to boost the process of achieving higher levels of success.

The results work because you end up being responsible for driving growth. You end up paving the way to your businesses vision. Executive coaching provides avenues to better reach where you want to go.

Your executive coach is there to aid in making you perform better. Don't take our  word for it; we know that results are what matters; this is where the rubber meets the road. So consider what your expectations are:


  • Increase your Performance by 10-20-50%?

  • Develop your leadership skills, confidence and awareness?

  • Accomplish specific goals?

  • Improve your communication skills?


Whatever you want to work on, talk it out with your coach and lay out a plan.


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