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Social Wellness

Meeting people

It is important to maintain a healthy social relationships throughout one's life by building a network of trusted colleagues for support and collaboration.  Relationship building needs to begin while moving up the corporate ladder, not after one has arrived if a leader want to gain the respect and cooperation of others.  accomplished with greater ease.  Nobody attains perfection in  life, mainly because life is a process and will continue to evolve. As part of the executive development process, we always address the need to continually improve interpersonal skills and build relationships.  Some executives tend to be task focused and lack emotional intelligence, so they need help with expanding their social horizons.  To create social wellness, here are some of the most important steps you can take:

Know your needsWellness Nautilus

We all have unique needs. What someone might find important, may seem irrelevant to you and vice versa. Learn to identify your needs so you don't feel the pressure to perform in an environment you don't enjoy or care about.

Reach out

Offering friendship to people is a first step to social wellness. Without this initiative, it will be difficult for you to take advantage of potentially productive relationships. Consider joining groups and clubs that focus on your interests. Explore other avenues that may present possibilities for you, such as volunteer work and travel.

Choose your relationships

Learn to build and stay in healthy relationships. These relationships involve people you care about and who care about you and your well-being. Align yourself with people where there is reciprocal nurturing and support. Since there is trust and compassion, you feel safe and satisfied--two vital ingredients for social wellness.  Howard Stern joined Howie Mandel and and Sharon Osbourne as new friend and judge for  America's Got Talent.  Despite his outrageous reputation, he seems to adding a spicy  ingredient to the group without being overpowering.

Learn to communicate effectively

You can only do so much about hiding your thoughts and feelings. Being able to communicate is a vital component of social wellness because this is how you initiate relationships in the first place. Make it a practice to constantly work on your social connections and soon you will have an abundance of what we call "social wellness."