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Family Fitness

Whatever you may prefer to call it as we enter the "Tennies, Tenties, or Teenies," why not resolve to cross the threshold in the best of health? And don't forget to bring along the whole brood, because a happy home life reduces stress and enhances your ability to keep that executive brain sharp.  As an executive coach, I always encourage clients to develop a fitness program and consider hiring a personal trainer for a coaching program to help them get jump started.

A  resolution to stay fit, made with a support group such as your family, is easier to maintain.  You will have each other to keep you motivated in order to stay on the fitness ball. Whether it's taking a bike ride, training for a marathon, playing a sport together, going to the gym together (there are many gyms now that are kid and family friendly), or scuba diving,  find an activity that all members enjoy. Or, you can compromise and take turns doing something different each week.

A common complaint with incorporating exercise into our daily routine is that we're already so exhausted as it is. How do you muster the energy for a workout on top of it all? Start with setting modest goals:

  • Gather once a week with a friend to work out and split the cost of a baby sitter
  • Do six-second tummy tucks while waiting in line for the elevator, better yet...take the stairs!
  • Take a walk after lunch, or walk with ankle weights
  • When traveling on business, do leg raises or sit-ups while watching television in your hotel room
  • Eat smaller meals six times a day because it's easier to burn off those portions than three bigger meals
  • Find something you really enjoy doing

Sometimes the allure and excitement of video games like the Elder Scrolls can have divert you from the physical activity.  Try to limit the times your children are held captive.